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Advantage and disadvantage of shoes addiction.



It is not as bad as cigarette, alcohol, or drug addiction.


It is bad for your wallet.



Symptoms of shoe addiction.

1.  You think about shoes at least 3x a day.

2.  You look at your shoes at least 3x a day.

3.  You blog about shoes.

4.  You buy more than 1 pair of shoes at a time.

5.  You write reviews about shoes, their brand, and the where you bought them.

6.  You spend more on shoes than anything else.

7.  You are a strong believer that shoes are girls’ best friend.

8.  And finally, you think about shoes while having sex.





Shoes don’t matter :)

It’s already Monday and I still haven’t gotten my three pairs of shoes.  I’m getting a little pissed.  I don’t know, it’s not just about the shoes though, I guess it’s just one of those Mondays, you know how Mondays are.  As much as it is bad for the working class, it is even worse for the stay-at-home moms like me.


You probably think that shoes are what I always think about, wrong.  I am not as shallow as that, although I might seem like it.  Shoes are not the most important thing in the whole world, but they certainly do make you feel better even just by looking at them.  You see these models who can walk on a 5-inch high stiletto and not fall?  That’s pretty amazing.  I wonder if their feet even hurt after wearing high heels for a couple of hours, mine does.


But seriously, why do girls like me like high heel shoes when it hurts your feet?  I mean, I know that if I buy that super cute 4-1/2-inch pink wedge that it would hurt my feet, but I buy it anyway.  What is wrong with me?  Nothing.  I think it all goes down to the fact that if you wear this very sexy shoes that you will look good, and then you will feel good.  Sometimes it’s true, but sometimes not.


I don’t really know what I’m talking about.  I guess I just miss those days when I had a job and I go to work everyday,  then I have friends and we hang out after work, gossip, talk about boys, shoes, and how broke we were despite of having a decent job, you know, life of a single woman.  But I have a family now and I love them, I just have to admit the fact that those days are over and stop being blaming fedex or cutesygirl for not delivering my shoes fast enough.  After all, at the end of the day, shoes doesn’t really matter.  What matter is that I have people who loves me.


I miss being size 4!



A week of shoes…

For once in my life, I dreamed about being a shoe designer.  Because it seems like it’s really cool that you can design shoes for women and I think it would probably feel good to see them wearing your shoes.  I don’t really intend to have a big name like Givenchy, Prada, Celine, etc.  I just wanted to make shoes that I fits my personality.  But most school don’t really offer shoe designing, so that leaves me no choice.  Of course I could be wrong though.

When I was in college, I don’t know why but it was very important for students to have a good looking shoes, at least that’s what I have observed.  Some of them would rather starve so that they can buy the shoes that would catch everyones attention.  There was even a motto way back then that says “It’s better to starve than to look like you are starving.”  I know it doesn’t make sense now that I am more mature, but it did when I was younger.

I remember my professor in Marketing and Management subjects who always wear some really fashionable wedges and it was always different everyday.  I thought she might be making hell of a lot of money to be able to afford all those eye-catching shoes.  And I thought of becoming a teacher like her so that I can make a lot of money too and be able to buy all the shoes I wanted.  But obviously it didn’t work out that way.

So here I am, I still can’t believe that I’m going back to school, which obviously means that I still haven’t figured out what I really want in life.  I took a Practical Nursing entrance test and passed it, and now all of a sudden I wanted to be a shoe designer.  Well this is not uncommon for me of course.

Anyway, if I can wear all the shoes that I want, I will sure be wearing different style everyday, like this:








So, what do you think? 🙂

Loving Mother Nature

Just in case I haven’t mentioned it yet here (I know I haven’t) I love mother nature.  I mean I love green, green curtains, green walls, green bed sheets, and yes, green shoes.  I don’t know, I just love green.  But I don’t feel this way all the time though.  It’s more like a seasonal thing.  Anyway, we went to a bible study last night and I saw a friend of mine wearing a green flat sandals.  She is very tall and the flat sandals just look so good on her.  And it was like a glow-in-the-dark green sandals, or maybe it was just me?  I don’t know, but I haven’t noticed anybody stared at her sandals the way I did.  I am just a shoe person what can I do you know?  I might as well change my name to Imelda, if she would allow me to 😀  If you are wondering who Imelda is, she is just the wife of the late former President of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos.  She is quite known for her 3000 pairs of shoes.  So, if somebody thinks that I am nuts because of my lust for shoes, then I don’t know what to call her.

By the way, last night, I wore the shoes (again) that I have worn when I took my test thinking that if I wear it long enough, my feet would get used to it.  And you know what?  I just found out that it was a very stupid decision.  My toes hurt so bad and it was getting all numb so I tried to find all sorts of excuse to sit down just so I can relax my feet.  I kept looking at my friend’s flat comfy green sandals and was so jealous about it.  Oh well, next time I wear high heels, I’m gonna make sure that I bring a pair of flipflop.

About the green shoes, I’m still lusting about them.  I am so tempted to buy but I am broke so I guess I just have to suffer.

It really hurts to know that I can’t have those shoes.  Being broke sucks!

High heels at school???

If I have ten pairs of shoes and five pairs cost $25 per pair, and then three pairs cost $15 per pair, and the average cost of each pair is $18 dollars, how much does the remaining pair of shoes cost per pair?  What???

Okay, you’re probably thinking that I am going nuts again (which by the way happens all the time) but I’m not.  I am just very happy because I passed the test with flying colors and I got in to the Practical Nursing program, woohoo!!!

Let me tell you what happened today when I went to the school.  I am a stay-at-home mom for eight months now, so every time I get a chance to get out of the house, I really look forward to that, and today was one of those few days where I got to get out of the house 🙂

I decided to wear my high heels shoes which I have only worn once, and I was thinking that it would be okay to wear my high heels because I would be wearing a jeans and that would cover the heels.  So I went to the school with my high heels and guess what?  I was the only one wearing a high heels.  I felt so stupid.  Everybody was wearing flip flops, sneakers, rubber shoes, comfort shoes and the like.  My jeans did not really help in terms of covering the heels and I was a little bit embarrassed because I know I was a little over-dressed, but can you blame me?  I really don’t get out of the house that much.  I was getting a little bit upset too because the shoes was starting to hurt my feet and suddenly I was so jealous with everybody because they have comfy shoes and I didn’t, and waiting for the proctor was just taking so long.  I felt bad.

But after a few more minutes, there she was.  Okay, to make the short story even shorter, we took the test and I passed 😀 😀 😀

By the way, this was the shoes.

OMG I ordered some shoes!

Okay, it’s my entrance exam tomorrow for the Practical Nursing program and I know I should be studying for that.  I’ve been having trouble focusing on my studies lately.  I couldn’t sleep well at night, I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  Well, I think I do, it’s my freaking shoes!  Yeah yeah shoes again.  Well, I couldn’t help it.  I ordered three pairs of sandals at cutesygirl and I’ve been tracking that and obviously the tracking system is not updated because the estimated delivery day is tomorrow and according to the tracking system at fedex, they still haven’t picked up the items yet, so how are they going to deliver it to my front door tomorrow?  And that’s what’s driving me crazy!  I know, I am a crazy girl getting crazy over some shoes geez!  Oh well whatever.  And here’s another thing, I don’t want my husband to know that I ordered three freakin’ pairs of shoes, yeah he doesn’t know about it.  I just don’t want him to know.  He already thinks I’m crazy and I don’t want him to think that I am crazier than I am right now.

This shoes addiction of mine makes me think if the Practical Nursing program is right for me or not.  Should I pursue that or should I take classes on how to make shoes?  I mean, how cool is that?  You design and make your own shoes and you will never buy any shoes again, just make your own and that’s it.

These are the shoes that I’ve ordered at cutesygirl and I think they’re really cool.




There they are, all three pairs for $59!  Ain’t that cool?