I am a shoe addict :)

This shoes right here is painfully attractive, but it is also painfully painful.  I know because I have one.

I guess I’m just like any other normal girls, I love love love shoes.  Okay, I am definitely not like Imelda, but I wouldn’t mind being like her either.  I would like to have tons of shoes, that way I wouldn’t have to wear the same style all the time.  Hmmm… that would be nice.  But the problem with having tons of shoes like Imelda is that it would take so much longer to decide which one to wear.  Another bad thing is that I am a home-bodied person who doesn’t like to socialize and just stays home most of the time.  So, I am like this, how am I gonna wear all that shoes?  And why am I even bothering about this when it’s not even a problem because I don’t really have a lot of shoes?  I guess I am just being me, crazy…

I would like to own different kinds of wedges with crazy style and high heels, but the thing about me (again) is that I don’t like attention.  Is it possible to wear a weird-looking, one-of-a-kind, super sexy wedge sandals without getting attention?  Because if it is, then I would probably be okay.


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