The Shoe Addict

Let’s just call me The Shoe Addict, because that’s what I am obviously.  I love shoes.  I may not have a lot of shoes, but I love shoes.  I may not wear them all the time, but I would like to have them.  Just looking at them whenever I surf online makes me go nuts!  Do I sound like crazy now?  I’m really not, in fact, I am just as sane as everybody else.  Most girls that I know of loves shoes, I’m just a little more addicted to shoes than they are.  And besides, they say that shoes are girls’ best friend, and in my case, that is very true.

I am not a fan of expensive shoes though, but that is only because I am broke and believe me if I have the money, I would buy me a Givenchy wedge boots.  But since I am broke, I do my best to find the best deals on shoes.  I only buy during sale and if I have a coupon.  Otherwise, I am pretty much okay with what I have.  Nunnie (my husband) is a good husband because he allows me to buy whatever I want.  He might say something about my purchases, but he won’t get mad.  He might think I’m crazy (he does), but he still loves me.

I also don’t mind buying shoes at a garage sale.  In fact, the last time I went to a garage sale, I was able to buy a Gianni Bini shoes that looked like it has never been worn, for only $1, not a bad deal, eh?

And that picture right there?  I hope that’s me, I think so 😀 Well that’s me.  That sandals that I was wearing, was one of the love of my life sandals.  Some of my friends laughed at me every time I buy the same exact style and I did it 3x.  I fell in love with that sandals and it’s sad that I couldn’t find it anymore.




8 responses to this post.

  1. You and my sister would get along famously ;D


  2. Hey if you have a husband than it can’t be THAT bad 😀


  3. Shhhhhh. I won’t tell him about this blog. It’ll be our secret…


  4. Posted by The Shoe Addiction on May 10, 2011 at 5:48 pm

    Check out my store at we have e-bay items (used) on there you may like.


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